About NTMF

This is our story

We provide been providing a wide range of marine services to Darwin and the Northern Territory since July 2018. We service and repair all range of small boats to large vessels, with a maximum lifting capacity of 150tn.

Our team includes a dedicated group of locals, who have a diverse and capable mix of marine expertise including engineering, marine electrical, steel fabrication, welding, fiber glass and mechanical.

The NTMF is an Australian company that is operated by local people, under the wider ownership of the Tasmanian Seafood Group.

How we operate

All of our operations, activities and interactions are conducted with the following ethos and company values.


We build strong and trusting relationships.


We are honest and transparent in all of our activities.


We are collaborative and work as a team.


We are methodical and work to clear timelines.

100% Australian Owned
By Tasmanian Seafoods

Established in 1969 in Tasmania, Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd is the largest single quota holder and one of the largest processors of Australian wild abalone.

They also produce a large range of Australian sea cucumber products, as well holding several other seafood industry interests across Australia, including the Northern Territory Marine Facility in Darwin.

Tasmanian Seafood’s is an independent, family owned group of companies first established by the now retired Allen G. Hansen, who has forged an amazing legacy, built upon foundations of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance and team work.

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